KEMP VIP - Webinar 30th May

As a part of beeing KEMP VIP, I have been asked to run a webinar for KEMP partners. The session will last for 1 hour. Customer cases we have done, how KEMP solved there challenges. The new lisencing model and the new KEMP 360 Central.
This will be a "non" tech session but it will give som pinpoints on how to use KEMP, Why use KEMP instead of Netscaler, F5 or IISARR/WAP-ADFS.

KEMP webinar with Kai Stenberg

Hope you will be there for this session.


Jabra Speak 710 Large room

Just got from Tektrakom in Norway the new Jabra Speak 710. This is a new version of the Speak 510 but now with som new features.
One of the great things is that I just paired it without use the bluetooth stick on my computer.
Just one click on the Speak and it pair/connect with each other. Just nice good. Tried also a conference on them, connected to Skype for Business, and on where i sit and one in a meeting rom about 30feet away, and this worked also.
So far this looks nice and works fine.
Charging with USB, connec to computer either with USB, Bluetooth direct or the stick that comes with it. Pairing so easy.

Update 1:
The kids tried it on their computer runing Viaplay, and watching movie on one of the computers. They where very happy about them. They said that sound was great.

Update 2:
To get them working on Windows 10 is very easy, just let it be installed by bluetooth, and if you have two you want to connect together, just press the connect button on the front on them and you are connected or you can use the bluetooth pin that follows it.

I have now installed them on my computer the Surface 4. Runing Spotify, and it works very good.
If you want try them out don't hasitate to contact me or blinQ.no


New version of KEMP Loadmaster software

Hi, it's been a long time since my last blog post. This has to do with long days and all to much work to be done.
Well, here we are again. This time wiht news that KEMP Tech is about come out with a update for theire KEMP Loadmaster.
The new version is 7.2.38 who they will present 3dr April 2017.

Some of the news is that there is support for Windows server 2016 Hyper-V, Secure FTP (SFTP for backup).
New support model

The new software will be out on monday....so this is early news for you.


Cloud or non cloud

Cloud or Non cloud.....that's the question?
Are you thinking about to get your Skype for Business in the Cloud or OnPrem? Cloud or Non Cloud. Hosted or Non hosted? Well this are important infrastructure and company policy that has to be considered.
In the most of Europe Microsoft can't at the present time offer any more than PSTN Conferencing over the Office365 Skype for Business Online......


An old classic that needs a reminder

Noticed something interesting here the other day. After change of IP for Edge in public IP and internal aswell. When we got the routing inplace.
Note to my self.......remember to reboot the Edge server even if the topology has been published.

Otherwise you will get funny errors where Desktop sharing or Application sharing doesn't work and ofcourse the FW is configured correct.

Confusing....amusing :-)


WAF on KEMP Loadmaster

When customers or persons out there, use KEMP for other stuff than Reverse Proxy or HLB for Skype for Business. We as a KEMP  Center Partner see often that they use it for IIS.

Other will protect their IIS solutions and here is a tip about this.
If you have a IIS that us HLB and use WAF (Web application firewall) and has a subscription from KEMP for it, well then use the following settings running only IIS on the Realserver.

Under Settings for the VS, WAF settings and then choose the IIS rule and not the generic rule. This is why:
If there is information passing through the website such as user details or going to a database it would be recommended to us the Application Generic rules such as SQLI and XSS. However if Application Generic rules are applied it is not possible to apply Application Specific.

And please turn on Audit Mode to Audit Relevanse. If this is not turned on, then you might get no loggs on the WAF.

One other thing about WAF is that when you turn it on, well then you get a message 1 out of 8 VS are enabled. What does this mean?
Well, this say that you have 4 GBRam for your WAF, and each VS running WAF takes out 512 MB Ram. If you find out that you need to have eg. 16 VS running WAF, well then you have to double your memory for your Loadmaster.

Hope this explains a lot about this subject.


2016 fading out.......2017 is about come

Well, what a year 2016 has been. Lots of stars has left us. From David Bowie, Lemmy and last Carrie Fisher.
Well, as a Skype for Business consultant, this year has been great for me. Lot's of interesting projects. New job at #blinQ. Building a company from the beginning. KEMP VIP status and blinQ got as the frist in Nordic Area KEMP Center Partner.

Microsoft has pushed out more new features in Office365. The new MAC client finally got here.
Skype Operations Framework will now be a important part of how we shall deliver projects.

Someone out there in LinkedIn said that in about 2 years time the Skype for Business consultant role has gone and that companies do not want to hire them anymore.
I will not agree to that, our role as advisor, since we know how the EV works, and in the Nordics where I work Microsoft can hardly deliver EV functionality in O365. Lots of companies has hybrid solutions, so I will not agree. Maybe it's different in UK or US since they have O365 with EV. But what about Attendant or Contact Center? How can you fix that in O365? Microsoft does not have this and when terminate SIP trunk, you can do that is Azure, but then we are talking about a new game, and the UC Consultant was not dead after all :-)

Thanks to all my readers, an I'll be back next year.
Happy new Year



As some of you have read on LinkedIN. Norway has now got their first two KEMP VIP's.
I feel real proud to be one out of two.
As a KEMP VIP & KEMP Champion I will get to see what's will come on KEMP. We will also get first hand on the news.
There will be meetings with the developers, we can come up with ideas, make blogs for KEMP and be early out in the news.

If you want to know more about KEMP, well as I see it there are just one KEMP Center at present time in the Nordic, and that is blinQ AS.

Just take contact if you want to know about LBA, Reverse proxy replacement or anything around KEMP Loadmaster.


Headset is important for Skype for Business

As you noticed earlier on this blog, so have I written some bloggs about different headsets. As you can see from the search I done on my blogg:
Search for headset on my blogg

Well at this time there has been lots of good one and some not so good. But tomorrow this all will change again when Sennheiser will give me try for the new MB-660.

Based on that I have read about it already, well this is something that I am looking forward to. Will it be as great as the Plantronics Focus UC ?


Skype Operations Framwork

It has been out for a while and this is a great method to get your Skype for Business either you will have it Online, Hybrid or Onprem installation.

Skype Operation Framwork

Since working as Chief Consultant, it's very important for me to work how the best practices say. This because the customer will get best and a smooth implementation of the Skype for Business.


In the lead of the technology

Today there are lot's of people out there talking about how to take Enterprise voice to the cloud. In the Nordic region Microsoft deliver lots of users to O365.
But then you have just PSTN Conferencing at the present time, unless you can use Telenor Office365 with Telenor Mobilt Bedriftsnett.


The new features of Skype for Business CU-3

One of my customers has installed the lastest CU for Skype for Business. The CU-3 or the June 2016 cumulative update. It can be found here.

This update contains some new features that will make Skype for Business more interesting. I will go through all the new stuff that comes in this package.

1. Offline messaging, can't say have been waiting for this. But it's here now. This works like this:
Some one sends you a message when you are Offline, well the system will collect these and give you an allert the time you get back online.  Like the pictures below. More about it here

 2. Busy on Busy is a new feature also. This is something that we in Nordic countries has used for ages thanks to Competella and their Routing Agent. Microsoft has since June 2016 this feature but it has some limited features if you look at it instead of the Routing Agent from Competella.
How this is configured, well Randy Chapman has a well written blog about this. Read all about this here.

3. Video based Screen Sharing (VbSS), the thing about this is to get these pro cons:
  1. Make screen-sharing (up to 5%) more reliable compared to RDP alone.
  2. Make the session setup and video experience faster compared to RDP alone (setup in half the time, with a 6:1 improvement in frames-per-second).
  3. Works much better than RDP in low bandwidth conditions, even when sharing high motion content, such as 3-D graphics.
You have to do some changes to make this works. There are some commands to make policy changes that has to be run. Read all about it here. My customer who installed this update has not tried this yet, but when it's done I will sure come back on it here.

The last feature that is added is the multiple emergency numbers in Skype for Business. I am not sure how often this feature will be used in the Nordic countries where I mostly work. But you can read all about how to configure it here.

Thats all for today. Hope you found this one interesting. I will come back soon with some more news about Skype for Business.


TIme is running out, it's time to upgrade to Skype for Busniess

Summer is over and I got an email from Microsoft Support regarding some customer of mine who is still running Lync 2010. The email goes like this:

"After doing more research and tests I have confirmed that both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013 issue self-signed certificate with SHA-1 algorithm to Lync clients in the meantime both Skype for Business Server 2015 and Skype for Business online issue self-signed certificate with SHA-2 algorithm to their clients.
After doing plenty of research we cannot change Hash algorithm of the self-signed certificate issued by Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013 so we’d like to suggest you perform the upgrade to Skype for Business Server 2015 before January 1, 2017. "

After doing some google search I found this one from November 2014,SHA-1 client issue as it say that clients does not have to do anything but this is an technical issue.

And since also Lync 2010 is out of mainstream support well now it's the time to plan for your upgrade.


KEMP Certified

For about a month ago I become KEMP Certified Salesperson. I had to take this since my first goal was to become KCE (Kemp Certified Engineer).
Well today I passed the test and are now KEMP Certified Engineer.

The next certification is the KCP (KEMP Certified Professional).


Tech update on KEMP with HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is the next major version of the HTTP protocol. While HTTP methods, status codes and language are preserved from HTTP/1.x, this version is a completely new implementation concept and brings many performance improvements, perceived latency enhancements and better resource utilization within reach of application and network designers.

Read all about it here:


Skype for Business CU3

Microsoft has come out with CU3 for Skype for Business.
You can download it from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3061064

This is some of the new features that is included in this CU:
The June 2016 cumulative update adds the following new features to Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015:

  • Video Based Screen Sharing
  • Multiple Emergency Number 
  • Busy Options (Busy on Busy and Voicemail on Busy)

Busy on Busy has Competella delivered in a long time with their Competella Routing Agent. What Microsoft has published in their, am I at present time not sure of. But it will be testet and I will come back with a blog about this.


Registry fix for more than 100 users in a goup

Based on information from Technet, we now can add distribution groups for more that 100 users in our Skype for Business client.
Just follow these settings from Technet